News in 2018 :

  • Léon, Jean-Louis's son joined the estate.
  • The cottage Le Clos Amiot, adjacent to the estate has received a new label: "Accueil vélo".
Selections  :
October, 2017
Allen Meadows is a renowned critic of the wine world. Each year, he comes in our estate to taste our wines and comment on them.AM : "Each year I spend over five months visiting, researching, tasting, exploring and evaluating. Burgundy is my obsession really. In addition to our reviews;of white burgundy, to expand on my coverage of the coveted pinot noir grape [...] What I’m offering is what we, as collectors, have always wanted: quality advice on what to buy and answers to "Who’s got the goods? And what makes them so good?” In other words, this is a site for burgundy and pinot enthusiasts – whether new enthusiasts or grizzled old guzzlers."