The vineyard

The vineyards have an east-southeast exposure with an altitude from 220 to 260m (720 to 840 feet), and are planted in limestone and clay-limestone soils dating from the Middle Jurassic period. This geological diversity makes each plot unique and offers richness and distinction to the fruit, which is then expressed in the wines.

The terroir of Morey-Saint-Denis is ideal for growing Pinot Noir, which is of course the grape variety used for our great red wines. One of the particularities of the Domaine Amiot is that they also own a parcel of Morey-St-Denis blanc, which is very rare in this appellation.

Know-how, is an important part of terroir
The Domaine Amiot uses sustainable viticulture practices :
  • Plowing to keep the soil healthy
  • Fertilization by compost every 3 years
  • Guyot and Cordon Royat pruning methods
  • Limited and sustainable treatments

Our goal is to control yields, allowing the grapes to achieve ideal ripeness and therefore to make the best wines possible.